This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

No further support will be given.

Feel free to fork the git repository.

Version 2.3.0

This version of Formhandler is a maintenance release only, it doesn't require any changes to your setup.


Bug fixes and other changes

  • [BUGFIX] Unable to include custom error check
  • [BUGFIX] Backend module exports all records instead of selected records.
  • [BUGFIX] Superfluous backslash in full class name of error check for debugging info in Validator\Defaul
  • [TASK] Change determination of error check name in getCheckFailed to support custom error checks
  • [BUGFIX] Removed Deprecation Log entries on CMS
  • [TASK] TYPO3 7 compatibility: Usage of deprecated GeneralUtility::modifyHTMLcolo
  • [BUGFIX] Adding Formhandler as content element in a news record fails.
  • [BUGFIX] Exceptions not always prefixed with backslash.