This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

No further support will be given.

Feel free to fork the git repository.

Version 2.2.0

This version of Formhandler is a maintenance release only, it doesn't require any changes to your setup.

Formhandler moved to github

The new repository is located here:

Updates and Features


  • Add log table to garbage collection scheduler task (#73229)


AjaxHandler\JQuery was rewritten!

The JS code has JQuery plugin style now and multiple AJAX forms on a page should not interfere with eachother anymore.

As a result the options "alias", "ajaxSubmitCallback" and "ajaxValidationCallback" have no effect anymore.

If you want to use callbacks, please configure a formID in your TypoScript and add this id to your form tag.

Then, you can bind these events:

  $(".Tx-Formhandler:has(FORM[id=\"contact\"])").on('submitStart', function(event) {
  $(".Tx-Formhandler:has(FORM[id=\"contact\"])").on('submitComplete', function(event, data, status) {

  $(".Tx-Formhandler:has(FORM[id=\"contact\"])").on('submitFinished', function(event, data, status) {

  $(".Tx-Formhandler:has(FORM[id=\"contact\"])").on('validateStart', function(event, field) {
  $(".Tx-Formhandler:has(FORM[id=\"contact\"])").on('validateComplete', function(event, field, result) {

  $(".Tx-Formhandler:has(FORM[id=\"contact\"])").on('validateFinished', function(event, field, result) {

  $(".Tx-Formhandler:has(FORM[id=\"contact\"])").on('fileRemoveStart', function(event, removeLink) {

  $(".Tx-Formhandler:has(FORM[id=\"contact\"])").on('fileRemoveFinished', function(event, removeLink) {



A new predefined marker for the renameScheme has been added: [field] is replaced with the name of the upload field.

Bug fixes

  • Reintroduce "fields" settings for backend module to predefine export fields for PDF and CSV
  • Predefined forms dropdown empty, when inserted after existing element
  • Fixed missing/wrong tags in Backend module
  • Fixed bug in date error check, causing it to validate wrong dates
  • Exception when using components with underscored class names (fixes #73485)
  • Wrong check for FinisherClass RestoreLanguage (fixes #73491)
  • Validating configuration fails due to wrong comparison of class names