This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

No further support will be given.

Feel free to fork the git repository.

Version 1.5.0

The complete changelog is available on Forge.

Updates and Features


  • Added support HTML5 multiple file upload.
  • Copied stdWrap hook to be compatible with TYPO3 6.0 and below.
  • Remove jscalendar for BE module in favor of the built in datepicker of TYPO3.
  • Move all generated JS of AjaxHandler_JQuery to head or footer depending on jsPosition.
  • Upload files despite of other validation errors.
  • Allow additionalParams setting to be a cObject in all components doing a redirect.
  • Added possibility to translate the name of predefined forms in BE by using "".
  • Allow the separator in Interceptor_CombineFields to be longer than 1 character.
  • Allow recursive replacement of master markers up to 5 times.
  • Make UID of created log entry available in $this->gp.
  • Sort keys of component arrays before calling the components.
  • Replaced "wraps" (for error message of uploaded files) with real Typoscript stdWraps.
  • Possibility to pass custom parameters in a master marker.
  • Removed ADMCMD params from REL_URL and ABS_URL to make forms work in workspace preview.

General Options





  • New TS setting "fieldOrder" to control the sorting of fields logged.






  • New setting "sessionKey" to specify the session key to use to store the form data in.

New Components

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in replacement of "checked_" markers.
  • Fixed bug in Interceptor_IPBlocking to make it work with current versions of TYPO3.
  • Compare encoding of CSV data in Generator_Csv the right way.
  • Forms with ajaxSubmit didn't read Flexform values.
  • Fixed a typo preventing required markers to be filled correctly if using "mathGuard".
  • Add a parameter with random number to URL of CAPTCHA image to solve caching issues in IE
  • Follow Up fix: Place hidden fields after opening form tag to make form submission of multistep forms work again in IE.
  • Allow setting "0" as value of "ifIsEmpty" for Finisher_DB.
  • Do not clear CAPTCHA values after validation if AJAX valdiation is used. Note: Works only with "captcha" and "wt_calculating_captcha". Other extension clear the captcha string themselves.
  • Prevent empty form if session information is lost.
  • Default search & replace in filenames didn't work with usePregReplace.
  • AJAX calls lost the "L" parameter.
  • Fixed bug causing file removal to submit the form.
  • AJAX calls failed if baseurl is set to domain with folder.
  • Copied stdWrap hook to be compatible with TYPO3 6.0 and below.


  • Updated TCPDF to version 5.9.200.
  • Updated Filtreatment to version 1.32.
  • Removed unused methods from utilityFuncs.
  • Added compatibility layer to support older TYPO3 versions in a nicer way plus some CGL fixes.
  • Rewrite of substituteConditionalSubparts to make it work nicer in plain text emails.
  • Change ".live" to ".on" in JS generated by AjaxHandler_JQuery. Note: The AjaxHandler now requires jQuery 1.7 or higher.