This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

No further support will be given.

Feel free to fork the git repository.

Version 1.7.0

The complete changelog is available on Forge.

Updates and Features


  • #48012: Enable getData calls in conditions

It is now possible to use something like this in Formhandler conditions:

Notice the {field:lastname} which allows access to the values the user entered in the form. You can also use other calls to getData like {TSFE:id}.

  • #45908: Don't show details about an exception to the user.
  • #46500: Allow different folders for different upload fields.
  • #46918: Allow custom error checks in other extensions.
  • #48481: Add new option "disableEncodingFields".
  • #47879: Enabled CAPTCHA validation in AJAX mode. NOTE: jm_recaptcha won't work in AJAX mode.
  • #49971: Add suggest wizard for redirect page in plugin configuration.
  • #51442: Add >= and <= for IF subparts.
  • #49652: Allow to specify "media" and other attributes for CSS files and JS files by using PageRenderer to include CSS and JS.
  • #52152: Allow namespaced classes.
  • #53349: Set "current" value in "wrap" settings.




  • #48482: Code refactoring: Removed duplicate code and added support for preloading uploaded files.
  • #49200: Allow mapping of static values and cObjects.
  • #50730: Show error and do not fill form if more than one row is selected.


  • #48661: New settings "hiddenStatusValue" and "activeStatusValue". These settings allow to define custom values for hidden and active records. The default values are "1" and "0".
  • #56541: New setting "showDeleted". This allows to select records marked as deleted too, when searching for the record to validate the hash with.


  • #47883: Allow list of email addresses to be returned from a cObject.
  • #48222: Parse cObject result of attachment for field names.


  • #48658: Added new value "saltedpassword" for special. This allows you to encrypt a password string before saving it to the database.
  • #46691: Added new value "files" for special. This allows you to save special file information like the file size or the upload path to database.


Bug fixes


  • #48019: Corrected misspelled variable name $wrappedThumbFilename.
  • #48265: Removed usage of undefined variable $model.
  • #48056: Load TCA tables in AJAX calls to fix bug in TYPO3 6.1.
  • #47967: Fixed a small bug when using IF_[fieldname] with an array value.
  • #47864: Let submit_prevStep lead to the "real" previous step in case allowStepJumps is activated.
  • #49207: Replace double slashes in calculated upload paths.
  • #51089: Automatically add a no_cache to URLs activating an auth code.
  • #52389: Bug in regEx pattern for ###IF_...### recognition in templates.
  • #52550: Page reloads in IE9/10 when form is submitted with ajax.
  • #51552: Recursive error checks fail.
  • #53671: Call to undefined method Tx_Formhandler_Globals::getSingle().
  • #53550: Auto-DB prefix doesn't match marker-prefix.
  • #53597: Call Tx_Formhandler_UtilityFuncs::resolvePath on master template paths.
  • #54479: Ensure absolute path for EXT:captcha script call.
  • #53832: Some invalid dates not detected by ErrorCheck_Date.
  • #54902: resolveRelPathFromSiteRoot not applied for masterTempate cObject.
  • #55523: Multistep form prev-submit won't work with AJAX submit.
  • #55644: IF conditions "contains" and "ends with" have wrong results.

Backend Module

  • #46930: Pagebrowser in BE module didn't work for non admin users.
  • #46196: Convert encoding of CSV file in BE module to lowercase to make it work on all systems.
  • #48606: Fixed a bug in Controller_Backend causing CSV Generator to be not changeable.




  • #46973: Lang-Markers in settings weren't substituted.
  • #52281: Finisher Mail must set toMail, cc and bcc as array to work with Swift Mailer.


  • #48492: Add files untouched by Finisher_StoreUploadedFiles to $this->gp again.



  • #49465: Reattach AJAX validation events after AJAX submit.


  • #48915: Changed all private methods to protected.
  • #48905: Compatibility fixes for TYPO3 6.2.
  • #56488: Updated TCPDF to version 6.0.062.