This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

No further support will be given.

Feel free to fork the git repository.

Version 1.6.0

The complete changelog is available on Forge.

Updates and Features

  • Call getSingle on markers in an error message to replace it correclty if the setting is a cObject.
  • Changed the field "params" of table tx_formhandler_log from text to mediumtext.



  • Made nested GET/POST values accessible in the TypoScript config

Bug fixes

  • ErrorCheck minValue didn't work with negative values.
  • Fixed bug in AjaxHandler_JQuery: Only the first submit worked in forms with ajaxSubmit.
  • Multiple ISSET subparts still weren't substituted correctly.
  • ISSET subparts for array values weren't substituted correctly.
  • jsPosition was only used if ajaxSubmit is "1".
  • The setting "format" for Finisher_DB is now "dateFormat". Both settings are possible right now, but it is recommended to use "dateFormat" from now on.
  • CSV Export in Backend: TsConfig was partly ignored.
  • Fixed bug in error check fileMaxCount: Only maxCount-1 files were possible.
  • Fixed a bug in file upload handling causing files to be not physically uploaded onto the server.
  • Results of age related error checks (isOlderThan and isYoungerThan) were inexactly.


  • Updated TCPDF to version 5.9.207.
  • Changed TYPO3 dependency to 4.5 or higher. Allthough, Formhandler should work fine with older versions (down to 4.3), it is recommended to use an actively maintained version for TYPO3.