This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

No further support will be given.

Feel free to fork the git repository.

Version 2.1.0

This version of Formhandler is the first release compatible with TYPO3 7.6. Older TYPO3 versions are not supported!

This version includes compatibility changes, bug fixes and new features.

Important Changes


  • Formhandler is now added as a content element type (CType) rather than a plugin (list_type). Please update your formhandler plugin records accordingly.
  • The Backend module was completely rewritten using Extbase/Fluid.
  • It is mandatory to include the static TypoScript.


Formhandler classes use namespaces now! In your TypoScript you can still use the old names, but it is recommended to switch to the new notation.


finishers.1.class = Tx_Formhandler_Finisher_Mail

finishers.1.class = Typoheads\Formhandler\Finisher\Mail

Example with short notation:

finishers.1.class = Finisher_Mail

finishers.1.class = Finisher\Mail

Renamed and removed components

  • Validator_Default was renamed to Validator\DefaultValidator.
  • DebuggerPrintToScreen was renamed to Debugger\PrintToScreen.
  • Mailer_HtmlMail was removed!

Backend Module

The TypoScript configuration for the Backend Module changed significantly.

The TypoScript is now put in the "normal" TypoScript rather than the page TSconfig.

This is the new structure:

module.tx_formhandler {
  settings {
    pdf {
      class = Generator\TCPDF
      config {
        font = FreeSans
        fontSize = 12
        fontSizeHeader = 8
        fontSizeFooter = 8
        fileName = formhandler.pdf
    csv {
      class = Generator\CSV
      config {
        encoding = utf-8
        delimiter = ,
        enclosure = "
        fileName = formhandler.csv

As you may have noticed in the code above there are some new options as well as some options that were removed:

  • "outputFileName" changed to "fileName" (sections pdf and csv)
  • New settings "font", "fontSize", "fontSizeHeader" and "fontSizeFooter" (section pdf)
  • "enableShowAllButton" was removed.

Updates and Features


  • #63774: Add params search field to BE module.
  • #63774: New option "" and "file.replace.separator" allowing to specifiy custom separator when "," isn't suitable.
  • #61155: Output in debug mode when trying to validate missing fields.


  • New setting "customFormValuesPrefix" for Finisher_GenerateAuthCode useful if the auth code is used by a form with a different prefix.


  • New setting "disablePathCheck" for Finisher_StoreUploadedFiles.

Bug fixes


  • #60211: AJAX calls ingore configuration in pi_flexform-field of content elements.
  • #61153: Number of steps ( total steps ) calculation fails when only using one template file.
  • #62078: Random ID is not unique.
  • #64032: Spurious comma in Filtreatment JavaScript event handler removal.
  • Encode JSON response from AJAX submit correctly.
  • Make sanitize path method respect Windows file paths.
  • #65028: The contains operator of the IF subpart does not handle arrays.
  • #47067: Set "current" value for cObject before processing "usePredef".


  • #60233: jsFileFooter adds JS to header.
  • #62364: Multiple forms on one page with AJAX validation will conflict because of JS function names "attachValidationEvents()"...
  • #61069: DebuggerPrintToScreen breaks AJAX submit
  • #61897: Broken error anchors after AJAX submit


  • #60042: Finisher_SetLanguage doesn't switch language in email template.